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Ultimate Coffee Date August- Ready for a Fresh Start


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Hey There Friends! It’s the beginning of the month so it’s time to link up with Deborah and Coco for the Ultimate Coffee Date! Since we’re all really good at virtual coffee dates these days, go ahead and pour a cup so we can chat!

My friend Raena from The Working Momtras likes to talk about us deserving whipped cream in our coffee. Sometimes on weekends I go for it.

Y’all know when a sports team refers to a month as a “growing season”? July was a growing season for me. Girlie’s birthday was amazing. But after that… well, it was a month.

If we were to meet for coffee I’d ask if you ever have those months where it’s just… growth. Struggling, growing, learning… unpleasant maybe but necessary.

If we were to meet for coffee I’d share that the last week of July was especially a mess health wise. I had a bit of a maybe toothache on Sunday and woke up with the entire side of my face swollen and sore on Monday. I had a teledoc appointment and we decided it was likely a sinus infection so started antibiotics. The doc told me that if it wasn’t better in a couple days to see my primary care, and that if it was back to a toothache to see my dentist. Which it was… I wound up having a root canal on Wednesday. The endodontist (root canal specialist) told me it was one of the worst abscessed teeth he’d seen and was either impressed with my pain tolerance or… just considered me to be an idiot. Either way, it’s finally feeling better. I’ll admit that I was dreading a dental procedure during Covid but the offices I went to went above and beyond with sterilization. I felt super safe.

If we were to meet for coffee, I’d ask if you’d had any medical or dental work done lately and if so how did you feel about the office. Also, have you ever had that moment of…”is this doctor calling me a badass or a dumbass?” Because honestly, this isn’t my first time.

If we were to meet for coffee, I’d talk about steps I’ve been taking to build my own little “horseshoe” as Glennon Doyle would say. I realized that I’ve spent far too much of my life trying to fit into circles that I don’t fit into. So instead I’ve been intentionally reaching out to and making time for people who I think I mesh with better. I need to hang with weirdos and GD cheetah’s only, if you know what I mean 😉

If we were to meet for coffee I’d ask if you ever find yourself still trying to fit into circles and spaces you don’t fit into. I’d also want to know some of your favorite horseshoe building tips are, since I’m an introvert trying to reach out!

If we were to meet for coffee I’d talk about how I’m definitely treating August as a fresh start. I’m looking forward to some new energy and new adventures. With school starting this month we’re getting into some new routines.

If we were to meet for coffee I’d ask if you have any intentions or plans for this new month.

If we were to meet for coffee I’d ask what you have on your mind. Then I’d listen, really listen. Because that’s always what I try to do on coffee dates! (Although sometimes I fail miserably, especially when I’m excited about something. Sorry, gotta be honest.) So what’s on your mind?

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