Nicole Kidman Sings Theme Song ‘Dream’ From ‘Undoing’; Watch The Awesome Video!

Nicole Kidman is no newcomer to a pleasurable moment. She did, after all, belt her way into the souls and minds of many moviegoers. She melts the heart with her Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated revolution as a doomed courtesan in Moulin Rouge!

But if you aren’t one of the Satine honest, you may have dropped the released. And that it’s Kidman herself singing a soft rendition of “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” She sings over the opening praises of her new HBO thriller, The Undoing. The song sounds as images of a young girl with a simple mop of red curls blurs by.

So what, specifically, are the song stylings of Nicole Kidman trying to tell us here?

Dreamy shots of inexperienced kids playing over the opening credits of a high-class HBO thriller. And it will be very close to fans of Kidman’s former smash TV hit Big Little Lies. But while the kids shimmying their way through those opening credits and amaze all the fans. And also, they are present by the immature members of the Big Little Lies cast. The little redhead in The Undoing credits is nowhere to be seen on display itself.

What were the lyrics resemblances?

The lyrics of the lasting song also indicate what we should expect from the series. And The almost century-old theme—which has been generalized by the likes of Ozzie Nelson and Cass Elliott. And the hearts on a besotted character who doesn’t want to leave the dream world. But also they’ve made with their beloved and return to less charming realities.

The sugar-sweet song and pictures of the innocent child might, in another context. And also be candied overload. But here, with the dark melodies of the show looming over it, the respites take on a poisonous quality.

As for Kidman: Notwithstanding her Moulin Rouge! Bona fides. And she’s not ever exactly been restored as a singer. A couple of years ago, Kidman sat down with costar Ewan McGregor. And they recalled how terrified she by his singing voice. She following appeared only very shortly to give a musical turn in Rob Marshall’s 2009 Nine

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