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Finsbury Square London: The Ultimate Guide


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Welcome to our ultimate guide on Finsbury Sq London! We are here to provide you with all the necessary information about this bustling financial district located in the heart of London. Our guide will not only provide you with a comprehensive overview of Finsbury Square park but also help you navigate the area like a local.

What is Finsbury Square?

Finsbury Square is a public park located in the London Borough of Islington, just north of the City of London. It is surrounded by modern office buildings and is a popular spot for locals to relax and enjoy the greenery amidst the busy cityscape. Finsbury Square is a hub of financial activity and is home to many businesses, including hedge funds, law firms, and technology companies.

History of Finsbury Square

Finsbury Square was originally created in the 18th century and was once a part of the Moorfields, a large open space that was used for archery, military exercises, and public events. The area was eventually developed into a residential neighborhood, but it was mostly destroyed during World War II. After the war, the square was rebuilt and turned into a public park for the local community.

Things to Do in Finsbury Square

Finsbury Square offers many activities for visitors, including an outdoor gym, table tennis, and basketball courts. The park is also home to a playground, which makes it a great place for families with children. During the summer months, the square hosts events such as open-air cinema and live music concerts.

Finsbury Square is also a popular spot for foodies, with several street food vendors selling a range of delicious snacks and meals. Some of the popular food stalls include Yum Bowl, The Cheese Truck, and Baba G’s.

Shopping in Finsbury Square

Finsbury Square is not only a hub for business, but also a great shopping destination. The area has several retail stores that cater to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. For fashion lovers, Finsbury Square is home to Reiss, GANT, and Jigsaw. For beauty enthusiasts, there is Kiehl’s and Jo Malone. The area also has several bookstores, including Waterstones and Foyles.

Getting to Finsbury Square

Finsbury Square is located in the heart of London and is easily accessible by public transport. The nearest tube stations are Moorgate and Liverpool Street. The area is also well-connected by bus, with several routes passing through the square..

Where to Stay in Finsbury Square

Finsbury Square is located in the heart of London’s financial district and is surrounded by modern office buildings. However, there are a few hotels in the area that cater to business travelers. The Montcalm Royal London House, located on Finsbury Square, is a luxury hotel that offers modern amenities and stunning views of the city. Another option is the Apex London Wall Hotel, which is a short walk from Finsbury Square and offers comfortable rooms and excellent service.

Exploring Finsbury Square on Foot

Finsbury Square is a great place to explore on foot, with plenty of sights and sounds to discover. One of the best ways to see the area is to take a leisurely stroll around the square and take in the modern architecture of the surrounding buildings. The square is also home to several pieces of public art, including the iconic sculpture “Still Water” by artist William Pye.

Nearby Attractions

Finsbury Square is located close to many of London’s top attractions, including the Barbican Centre, the Museum of London, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Barbican Centre is a world-class performing arts venue that hosts music, theater, and dance performances throughout the year. The Museum of London is a great place to learn about the history of London, with exhibits on everything from the city’s Roman past to the present day. St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and is well worth a visit for its stunning architecture and breathtaking views of the city.

Final Thoughts

Finsbury Square is a vibrant and bustling part of London, with plenty to see and do for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s financial district, enjoying some greenery, or discovering the local food and culture, Finsbury Square is a great place to start your journey. We hope our guide has provided you with all the information you need to plan your visit and make the most of your time in this exciting part of London.


We hope our guide has provided you with a comprehensive overview of Finsbury Square London. Whether you are a tourist or a local, Finsbury Square is a great place to visit for those looking to explore London’s financial district, enjoy greenery and great food, or go shopping. We encourage you to visit Finsbury Square and explore the area for yourself!

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