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Equipping Yourself For A Return To The Gym


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Hey there friends! Today I have a fun collaborative post on getting ready to get back into the gym! Depending on where you are the date for gyms to reopen may have been set, they could already be open, or you may just be daydreaming… but odds are you’re thinking about how best to return. Now, it’s best to remember that if you’ve put on some extra weight during the global pandemic as a result of lockdown, you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Oh, you put on some extra weight when having to stay home at all hours, perhaps for months from your job, with a ton of extra stress, in full view of your refrigerator, with baking a daily option and no set time to get up in the morning to delay that glass of wine? Be kind to yourself!

However, now we have the time to come back and work on our health, and also work on our mental health as a result. Coming back to the gym can feel like an intensive and quite overbearing effort, but you can actually achieve this quite nicely provided you know how to begin. We must first learn how to equip ourselves properly.

With this article, we’ll prepare you for that storied return to the gym. We’re certain you’ll come back with style.

The Best Apparel

Wearing apparel that is either form-fitted to your body or is relatively loose yet secure is important. For instance, olive green leggings can be great to squat in or perform bodyweight exercises, and the color can help you retain your personal privacy despite their custom flexed and tight nature. (Y’all know green is my favorite color, right?) You may also decide on updating your collection of sports bras, or simply purchasing loose-fitting t-shirts for winter workouts. Wearing breathable, comfortable clothing like this can help you feel ready for your upcoming workout, and to that degree, you’ll feel much more comfortable. I always feel better when I look better! Please don’t put off getting nice looking workout clothes until you “lose the weight”.

A New Regime

It can be worthwhile to find a new regime, or an updated one, to motivate yourself to get back into the gym. From stronglifts 5×5 to couch 2 5k, or even following a program from your favorite fitness influencer can be a great idea. Remember to consider the difference between exercise and training. Training is a progressive output that lets you become better at a certain task. Exercise is a set amount of activity, such as running for twenty minutes, something you do regularly without fail. Be sure to know which pursuit you wish to chase for the best results. Also, remember that you will have lost some strength, endurance, and fitness. Start back gently to avoid not just DOMS but injury!

Nutrition Aids

Nutrition aids matter. From supplements to whole foods, the more we can focus on our nutrition, the better. This may simply mean investing in quality water bottles (maybe even hydro flasks) to stay fully hydrated throughout a summer workout. It could also mean deciding to use a nutrition aid in the form of fasting, such as intermittent fasting that grants us a sixteen-hour break and an eight-hour eating window each day. Some people find that working out fasted in the morning each day can help you feel sharper, more attentive, and more open to your daily possibilities. In this sense, your aids will be working for you in the best possible sense. Listen to your body, and always ensure you’re keeping on top of a healthy and fully balanced diet.

What do you think about these suggestions for returning to the gym? Do you have any to add?

This is  a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links, from which I may receive income. All opinions are, as always, my own. While I am an ACE Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer I am not a medical professional and the information provided in this post is not to be considered medical advice.

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